Live Broadcast Monitoring

Which version of your ad will produce the biggest impact on your audience? A|B Testing tool combines the power of implicit and explicit measures to help you reach maximum impact.

Live Broadcast Monitoring

Harness on the full power of the MindProber platform by monitoring hundreds of panelists as they are exposed to your broadcast, in real-time. From live entertainment shows to newscasts or political debates. Monitor engagement across segments, understand what drives viewers in and out of your channel, and act in real-time to retain and increase your audience.



‘Live Broadcast Monitoring’ will allow you to answer questions such as:

–   How is your program doing right now across your key audiences?
–   Are viewers engaged?
–   What is their second-to-second opinion about the show or the message?
–   Will you lose audience?
–   What drives audiences in and out of your show?
–   Which were the key moments?
–   How do you rate the show?
–   How do viewers rate the host?

The Live Broadcast Monitoring shows you

the live declarative and biometric (implicit) reactions to your content, second-by-second.

Post-visualization analysis

includes the detailed characterization of the emotional timeline of your video, along with the responses to the post-visualization questionnaires.

Segment analysis

to highlight the most interesting points and relate your results to the declarative responses.

A minute-wise audience ratings

integration capability to analyze the emotional and rating timeline, understanding the declarative and biometric patterns that lead viewers in and out.

Post visualization questionnaire
In addition to describing the second-by-second impact of your video, we allow you to define custom questions to be answered after visualization. Define the questions, determine whether they will be presented through via mobile app or on the dashboard and set the time for question administration. The MindProber platform will automatically manage questionnaire administration according to your definitions.
We provide you with a panel of 400 testers equipped with our biosensors, along with thousands of others who have the MindProber app. MindProber partners with top panel providers to make sure our sample meets the highest quality standards. You can customize your sample by age, gender and region, and we give you segmented results according to your definitions. Need a bigger, customized sample?


Define time slot

and the channel was your show will be broadcast

Define your sample

and customize your Audience response System and your questionnaire and launch the study

Testers are notified

through the mobile app, and they will be in front of the TV or digital channel. Testers rate

Data analysis

MindProber treats the data automatically and you see the results at real time, synchronized with the show

Show is over

you can dig into your results, and fuse them with rating data