Follow my Ad

Which version of your ad will produce the biggest impact on your audience? A|B Testing tool combines the power of implicit and explicit measures to help you reach maximum impact.

Follow my Ad

With Follow my Ad you can track the effect of your ad as it is broadcasted on live television or digital. Monitor panelists as they are exposed. Understand its on-air performance, and track it as it gains and loses impact



‘Follow my Ad’ will allow you to answer questions such as:

–   How is your ad performing live?
–   How does it behave after multiple expositions?
–   How many expositions does it require to achieve its full impact?
–   When does it become memorable?
–   When does the effect start to wear out?
–   In which segments does it behave better?
–   In which channels is it producing its bigger impact?
–   Which timetables are better for its release?
–   Does it behave better in specific timetables and ad reel positions?

Follow my ad report

gives you an estimate of your ad’s life cycle.

Narrative Arches

watch as it starts producing impact on your target audiences, and understand when the impact starts to wear off.

Impact Evaluation

of the physiological level and estimate the effect of multiple expositions on ad recall.

Evaluation of the measures

like attitude towards the ad, likability and purchase intent.

Passive monitoring plus data synchronization

In a Follow my Ad study we monitor the sample for expositions to your ad as it is broadcasted live. Testers are instructed to watch TV or navigate on digital platforms wearing the sensors in the days your ad is expected to air. The MindProber app detects the ad as the panel is exposed to TV or digital content and records the physiological responses synchronized with the multiple exposures to the ad. As testers are exposed, they are required to answer to multiple questions about the ad and brand through their mobile devices.

Full questionnaire customization

We allow you to customize your post exposition questionnaire. Besides standard modules (ad recall + likability, purchase intent), we allow you to define your own questions to be administered to the tracking sample.


Upload you Ad

In your ‘Client Area’

Define your sample

by gender, age, and region

Define your dates

define the expected air times and tracking dates and launch study

App detects exposition

when it happens, it launches programmed questions about the ad and brand

Data analysis

MindProber treats the data automatically and you can explore your results